Stunning Ammonite with Red and Green Coloration

Name: Discoscaphites
Age:  Cretaceous
Formation:  Fox Hills Formation
Location:  South Dakota
Size: Ammonite is 3.8 inches across

Specimen SS200

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This is an absolutely beautiful ammonite fossil. It is a fabulous specimen of Discoscaphites gulosus from the Cretaceous of South Dakota. This type of ammonite has distinct ribbing and a somewhat rounded keel. There are several rows of prominent nodes on the shoulders and near the keel of the ammonite. These features are very clearly defined on this specimen. But the most striking feature of this ammonite is its amazing natural color. Most ammonites from the Fox Hills Formation have iridescent shells - this one is replaced with ammonlite - a semi-precious gemstone! The red and green coloration of this ammonite is simply awesome. It flashes a rainbow of colors and is almost opalescent in nature. Believe it or not, it is even more brilliant in person! Also, the ammonite is extremely 3-dimensional and complete - all the way to the aperture. The back side is missing part of the living chamber, but it too has the red-green ammolite wonderfully preserved. The fossil was prepared totally free of matrix so it can be viewed from all angles. This is easily the most colorful US ammonite we have ever had. And it is also one of the most breathtakingly beautiful fossils we have ever seen.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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