Large, Framed Display Mural of Fossil Fish Tiles

Name: Fossil Fish Mural (Two Types of Fish)
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Kemmerer, Wyoming
Size: Mural is 42" x 56" x 2.5"

Specimen SSX03

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This is a wonderful display fossil, perfect for home or office decor. It is a large mural of REAL fossil fish from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. This mural is made up of forty-eight 6" X 6" tiles, ten of which have fossil fish preserved on them! There are four Knightia eocaena fish (upper right corner) and six Priscacara serrata on the plate. The fish have been professionally etched from the surrounding rock tile, bringing out all of the detail hidden for millions of years. The fish tiles were then aesthetically arranged so the fish are going in the same direction and seem to be swimming in schools. The result is a beautiful piece of fossil decor - a unique centerpiece for any den, family room, or office. You won't find one of these babies hanging in your neighbor's house! (The mural comes with a Certificate of Authenticity - with photo -and a wooden hanger made specifically for this piece.)

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