Killer Hyena Skull with Beautiful Coloration

Name: Percrocuta sp. (Hyena)
Age:  Miocene
Formation:  Guanhe Beds
Location:  Near Linxia, Gansu Province, China
Size: Skull is about 10 inches long

Specimen SS208

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This is a very impressive fossil. It is a killer Percrocuta (Hyena) skull from China. It is the best example of this type we've seen. It is almost fully complete, missing only the very rear of the skull. The large skull and lower jaws are tightly articulated and very inflated and 3-D. The teeth are nearly perfect and have great natural color. The skull is incredibly well preserved and entirely removed from the rock matrix - it displays beautifully from all angles. And there is even a large bone sticking out the bottom of the lower jaw! This is an exquisite vertebrate fossil and a super display piece - rarely do you find fossil carnivore skulls of this high quality.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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