Rare DOUBLE Triarthrus eatoni with Antennae, Legs

Name: Triarthrus eatoni
Age:  Upper Ordovician
Formation:  Lorraine Group, Whetstone Gulf Formation
Location:  Lewis County, New York
Size: Larger trilobite is 0.85" including antennae
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA606

This is the kind of fossil that every collector dreams about! It is a beautiful DOUBLE Triarthrus eatoni from the Lorraine Group, Whetstone Gulf Formation of upstate New York. These trilobites were prepared slowly, hoping against hope to expose some soft parts of the trilobites. Although only one in hundreds(?) of these trilobites have traces of soft parts preserved, BOTH specimen hit the jackpot! BOTH trilobites have antennae and appendages exposed - these are very easily seen in the photos and with the naked eye. And the coolest feature of this fossil is that the smaller trilobite is preserved DORSALLY, while the larger trilobite is preserved VENTRALLY! (Hard to tell in photo.)  There have been very, very few trilobites ever found in the fossil record with this much detail of the delicate soft parts, and natural doubles with both legs AND antennae are almost unheard of. This is an extremely collectible PAIR of trilobites displaying their rarely-seen antennae and appendages. (Note: There is also a graptolite and a worm preserved near the trilobites.)

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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