Beautiful Framed Fossil Fish Plate - Two Types!

Name: Knightia eocaena, Priscacara liops
Age:  Eocene
Formation:  Green River Formation
Location:  Kemmerer, Wyoming
Size: Frame is about 14.5" X 16.0", Knightia is 7.5"
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA798

This is a beautiful fossil display. It is a rare double plate of Knightia eocaena and Priscacara liops from the Eocene of Wyoming. These fossil fish exhibit very fine detail and have beautiful, natural color preserved. The large fish are naturally fossilized on the plate of shale - they have not been composited or added. The striking fish fossil has been professionally framed for optimal display. This is an extremely aesthetic specimen of two different types of fossil fish - great for display in the home or office, or as a unique gift for the person who has everything.

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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