Very Rare Amber Microcosm- Winged Aphid, Others

Name: Winged Aphid, Fungus Gnat, Worker Ant
Age:  Oligocene
Formation:  Amber Mines
Location:  Dominican Republic
Size: Amber piece is 0.75 inches across
Price: SOLD

Specimen SSA830

This is a very rare and unusual association of insects in amberThere is a very detailed Winged Aphid (Planthopper; Homoptera), a textbook Fungus Gnat (Mycetophilidae), and a complete Worker Ant (Hymenoptera) fossilized in the large Dominican Amber piece. The Planthopper specimen is extremely well preserved, with the huge, barbed wings and faceted compound eyes beautifully displayed. The detail of the Fungus Gnat is also amazing - the venated wings and segmented antennae are quite distinct. All three bugs are well showcased and easily seen trapped in the clear, honey-colored amber nugget. This is an extremely collectible microcosm of fossil insects entombed in Dominican Amber, displayed forever in all their glory! (small close-up photo is included for free)

A Certificate of Authenticity from EXTINCTIONS is included with this specimen.

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